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4 Wheel Robot Car Chassis Kit (un-assembled)

PRODUCT CODE - (Arduino - 0023)

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Rs. 1150


- Rs.1300

4WD smart robot chassis, ideal for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BBC Micro bit and other micro processors.

Includes 4 x motors, 4 x speed encoders, battey box and various nuts, bolts & motor wires.

Very sturdy base for many types of robotic projects

Motor Specification

Voltage: DC 3-6V
Current: 120mA
Reduction rate 48:1
RPM with tyre 240
Tyre diameter 66mm
Motor wesight 50g
Motor size 70mm*22mm*18mm
Item Weight 635 g
Package Dimensions 27.7 x 16.3 x 5.6 cm

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